TASS Knowledge Base

Welcome to the TASS Knowledge Base!

Within this space, you'll find a collection of how-to's, FAQ's, videos, troubleshooting tips and information about each program in the TASS suite.

To search all information sources at once, use the site Search box in the top right-hand corner (seriously, we recommend this). You'll see an icon next to a page name for video content. 

What you'll find in here:  

  • FAQ's - Questions commonly submitted to the TASS Support team.  
  • How To / Checklists - Walking you through how to configure something or how to complete a process. 
  • Release Notes - Software changes (corrections & enhancements) we've released and a snapshot of what's coming soon. 
  • Video Library - Training, demonstrations, major version enhancements and webinar recordings. 
  • System Requirements - Notifications, end of life versions, supported versions matrix and TASS Stack direct booking. 
  • Glossary - Abbreviations and terms used throughout the Knowledgebase. 
  • Product Documentation: TASS.web, webBook and Staff Kiosk.

If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to us here

TASS Support

For information on TASS Support, you can find the Helpdesk Service Level Agreement in the TASS.web toolbar (under your username).